Wellbeing Coaching

for Actors

Acting success at the cost of inner peace isn’t success.

My story

I was an Artistic Director and professional actor for 7 years. And during this time I checked off everything the industry told me to do:

  • Start a theatre company.
  •  Send 1000’s of emails to casting directors, agents, and directors.
  •  Attend regular acting workshops.
  •  See many shows and read hundreds of plays.
  •  Think of a witty Twitter bio.
  •  Write your own plays + short films.
  •  Do lots of student films.
  •  Develop a killer showreel & get the best headshot photographer.

And the answer is: yes. My career did progress. I worked at the Young Vic, I did a feature film in Italy, and I even did a German Durex commercial for crying out loud!

But my mental health did not improve. It got worse.

And when I finally got my dream job I hit rock bottom. In this rock bottom I realised:

Acting success at the cost of inner peace isn’t success.

So I began reevaluating my life in a bid to figure out who I was outside of my actor identity.

And what happened next surprised me.. I discovered more balance, and self-love, my interpersonal relationships improved AND I was more present whilst performing. It felt like I had stumbled across a revelation:

Working on myself as a person, not an actor makes me a better actor.

This is what led me to use my experience both as a coach and actor to work with other actors, to help them discover the same.

My Approach

There won’t be any acting done in our sessions. It’s not that sort of coaching.

But rather, we’ll be putting acting to one side for now.

Who are you without acting?

Let’s look at your entire life: Your hobbies, friendships, family relationships, career etc.

And ultimately the relationship you have with yourself.


This type of work can shift one’s relationship to acting:

  • Acting won’t define you. It will have a place in your life, it won’t be your life.
  •  You’ll take it less seriously.
  •  You’ll be able to say no to work you don’t want to do, building self-respect.
  •  You won’t rely on acting for self-worth.
  •  This increases your chance of making a career out of acting and you’ll be a better actor because you’ll be more present whilst performing.
  •  Ultimately, you’ll be able to build a career, and it won’t come at the cost of your family, your friends and youwellbeing.


Pricing Options: purchased in blocks of 4 on a rolling basis.

Per Session

Tier 1: Income Bracket (£10,000 – £24,999): £35
Tier 2: Income Bracket (£25,000+): £45

Lower-income or student: £25 (limited spots available).

Online & In-person: 

I offer both online (ZOOM) & in-person sessions


60 mins.

In-person location

81 Edgware Road W2 2HX (Marble Arch)


Integrative Counselling and Coaching MSc at University of East London (final year).

50+ Psychotherapy hours at HQ Therapy.

200+ Pro Mentor/Coaching hours at Oppidan Education.

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