The Smartphone Experiment: 21 days to another world

Living smartphone free I feel like I’ve unplugged myself from the matrix.

And now I’m looking for a small group of people to take part in an experiment:

21 days without a smartphone or social media.

If you’re curious to see what will transpire within you please read on...

Is this for me?

Are you smartphone sober curious?

Does the thought of being free from social media terrify but excite you?

If you:

  • Have a pervasive sense of daily ‘background anxiety’.
  • Feel pressure to be productive.
  • Compulsively check your phone during films, conversations and whenever waiting.
  • Find it hard to wind down in the evenings.

This experiment could benefit you immensely.

What will I do?

Change phones.
Switch to a burner phone and give your smartphone to someone you trust.

Sign-off from social media.
Do any goodbye posts and take any social media tabs off your laptop. If you use social media for work that’s okay you won’t be able to do any ‘personal posting or scrolling’.

Prepare your friends/family.
It’s amazing how much people freaked when I sent my last WhatsApp messages. But like everything people adjust and you’ll find your friends in awe.

There will be a weekly online meeting for the experiment group to checkin.

The participant will keep a journal and log their experience.


  • Opening Ceremony – March 31st 7:30pm

    Set intentions with the group.

  • Start Experiment – April 1st

    Here we go!

  • Weekly Check In

    Every Saturday, 2pm.

  • Closing Ceremony – April 21st, 7:30pm.

    Share your experience with the group.

Please note: This is an experiment.

Your phone and social media will be waiting for you on the other side should you wish to return.

Sign Up

Enter your name and email below to join the experiment.

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Integrative Psychotherapist & Wellbeing Coach for actors + creatives.

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