4 ways my life changed without a smartphone

So many of us have a smartphone problem.

They’ve become an ‘essential part’ of western life.

We’re trapped.

But what would happen if we broke free?

Here’s 4 ways my life tremendously changed:

1. Less anxiety.

Flowing in and out of tasks with more ease.

Sitting still I do not feel the need to grab my phone. Every spare second becomes a moment with myself.

There is no where to turn but inward when you’re smartphone free.

An intimacy with your inner world is born.

You will feel no pressure to build your brand, capturing every moment to feed off likes.

A vast space will open up and from this space more creativity than ever before can emerge.

2. More self-love.

Are you ever burdened with the urge to be productive?

Putting down your phone and listening inward is a
love letter to the self.

Watch as an inner harmony unfolds.

And when you’re tired and you hear the irritable nag of
watch as another voice emerges…

One that has been shunned all this time by distraction.
It’s this voice that will tell you what you really need.

Watch as your inner friction fades.

And suddenly you find yourself out on walk,
breathing in the fresh air.

Knowing that this is more productive than your idea of ‘being productive’.

For in that moment it’s what you actually need.

3. More attentive.

How many conversations have been
killed by a ‘quick check’?

How many films have been
ruined by a glowing screen?

How much of our lives have we
turned away from when we turn to our phones?

Giving someone your attention is the greatest gift you can give.

Well in this new world your loved ones will notice
as you take in their words with a deeper sense of presence.

Offering them something that money can’t buy.

4. I can actually sleep!

Each evening you will wind down more peacefully than ever before.

Untainted by the powerful glow of the blue light.

Your mind will rest for it has little to process.

And day by day you’ll notice you start to feel more and more alive.

More in-tune with your body and mind.

For you’re now listening
to what it is you’ve been distracting yourself from this entire time.

And this is where our freedom lies.

Published by WillAdolphy

Integrative Psychotherapist & Wellbeing Coach for actors + creatives.

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